Making the switch

I have switched my blog over to my own server and now I'm running it on wordpress. So if you want to check it out, follow this link:

Jim Nielsen's Blog

My Portfolio is also new, and can be seen here:

Jim Nielsen's Portfolio
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Release the iPad

I've done both.

I saw clash of the titans. I bought an iPad. And I couldn't help but think, since they were released on the same weekend, of the relation between the two in popular culture.

So, let Steve Jobs sound it loud and clear, "RELEASE THE IPAD!"

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PBL Tshirt

I was supposed to design a tshirt for my PBL club. I asked for suggestions and no one gave me any. So originally I was just going to put "PBL" on the tshirt. But then I had visions of various typographic styles for the letters "PBL" including the one shown below, a cheesy play on the old phrase, "What time is it?" PBL time baby.

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Chicken foot

Chicken foot sammy

From Prison Break

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Just more text effects. Makes for a good, simple wallpaper.

Wallpaper size here

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